A platform story reference guide

Where to start when finding the story in your universe

Scaling a biotech organization requires you to communicate a vision, a design and a plan to an organization full of people with diverse backgrounds and mindsets.

In my last two blog posts I explored how stories can help you do this by communicating different pieces of a larger "universe" packaged in a compelling form.

As I've had different opportunities to tell stories like this, I find that one of the hardest parts is to decide which part of the universe to package into a given story.

And even when I figure it out, there are always questions about the parts of the universe that I left out.

So I started keep a list of these components - first a mental list, then an actual list - both as a way to collect my thoughts and to make sure I don't leave them out next time.

In my latest blog post, I decided to share this list so others can use it too.

If you find it useful or notice anything I missed, you can reply to this email to let me know!