Getting everyone on the same page

In defense of project charters

How do you make sure everyone involved in a project has the same understanding of what it is?

Goals. Scope. Requirements. Deliverables. Stakeholders. Roles. Responsibilities. …

Taking the time to write them down is daunting and delays the actual work.

So we tend to communicate them informally or haphazardly.

It’s a simple project. These should all be obvious, right?

Probably not.

The “obvious” choices for all those things depend on the story that each team member has for the what, why and how of the project.

But different people usually have very different stories in mind.

So if you can tell a clear story before you start the project, you’re most of the way there.

A good project charter or one-pager can do this without listing all the choices in excruciating detail.

The trick is getting the story structure right.

And I’ll be writing about what this looks like on the blog in two weeks.

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