The first "why" of your story

Define your goals before you identify information

I'm writing this email because I want you, dear reader, to change the way you communicate technical information with colleagues.

In particular, I want you to start thinking carefully about what you want your audience to *do* differently, not just what you want them to *know*.

The main purpose of knowledge is to make better decisions.

So, what decisions do you want your audience to make?

Yes, you want your colleagues to think you're brilliant and doing an amazing job.

Yes, you want them to tell your boss and your CEO that.

But there's probably a lot more they could be doing to make their jobs and your job easier, more efficient, more effective.

Whether or not you explicitly include a call to action, understanding this first “why” will immediately focus what information you prioritize.

So the next time you’re planning a presentation, start there.