Scaling Biotech explores how data driven biotech startups can get the most from their technology by building the right technical stack, supported by carefully designed processes and habits.

Building a data driven biotech isn’t just about adopting the latest technology. It’s a fundamental shift in how your teams work together and how you invest time, energy and budget. It’s a commitment to constantly rethink how you balance exploiting what’s worked in the past against exploring what could work even better in the future. It’s not the right path for every startup. But for the few that choose this path, it has the potential to revolutionize the world.

For the select few biotechs who choose to invest in becoming data driven, deciding where to invest those resources is tricky. My goal with this newsletter is to help these organizations make better decisions that will maximize their investments and demonstrate the massive potential of data driven biotech.

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Making biotech data driven.


Head of software engineering at a small biotech startup