Simple in theory. Messy in practice.
You can't build consensus on how to solve a problem until everyone agrees what the problem is. And they won't agree on the problem until they see things…
Agreeing isn't enough if you don't know you agree.
If you can't picture it, you can't make it happen.
Understanding how they change and why they don't.
I’m an even tempered person, so I never let on, but more times than I can count I’ve been shocked to discover lab processes that throw away data that…
What makes someone an expert is their mental models
Organizational issues trump technical solutions every single time.
You’ve seen the articles about how Machine Learning and AI are revolutionizing drug discovery. You’ve listened to the podcasts. You’ve read the blog…
To get a drug to market, you must choose your proxies carefully
It's harder than you might think
In defense of everyone's favorite or more hated ubiquitous tool